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The Concept
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Some Ideas: How cornering lights could be used:
For tight turns or slow turns
For tight turns or slow turns1. For tight turns or slow turns, a cornering light pointed 45 to 90 degrees away from the front of the vehicle and into the direction of the turn will illuminate the area the driver needs to see.

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In slower corners, the driver always has to turn his or her head toward the corner, and headlights alone just do not help much, especially in bad weather.

Smartlites placed on a running board or in the rocker panel area between the front door and the rear wheel well have proven to be even more user friendly than lights placed near the front of the vehicle. This effect has to do with the lamp being closer to the driver's point of view. This is a great help for drivers of mini vans even in urban areas. Remember it doesn't take a powerful lamp to provide enough light for cornering in normal street driving. Never use any lamp that would blind other motorists. Mount lamps in high positions for off-road use (see videos).
For higher speeds
For higher speeds2. For higher speeds, off road and rallying, a cornering light can be positioned at a 45 degree angle from the vehicle's centerline and as high as possible. This will let you see cornering apexes much easier.

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A wide beamed light positioned behind the driving position can eliminate the huge dark area for the driver by overlapping the headlights and illuminating everything to the side. This is excellent when encountering decreasing radius turns. The lights always react to the steering wheel even while counter steering through a sliding turn; you always see where you are going.
activate with 4-way flashers   activate with 4-way flashers
Both cornering lights activate with 4 way flashers.