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The Concept
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1 Piece Remote Sensor
1 Piece Remote Sensor
This remote control sensor is wireless, battery operated and is installed to the bottom side of the steering wheel. There are no wires!
  1 Piece Remote Sensor
The 1 Piece Sensor can be used to retrofit the Smartlites Automatic Cornering Light System on cars which already have cornering lamps which presently work only with the turn signals, such as the Cadillac pictured above. Installation is a simple plug in.
Commercial/Heavy Duty Sensor
Smartlites® Commercial/Heavy Duty Sensor:

This is a 2 piece sensor being developed for commercial and off road and rally type vehicles. It can be hardwired to a power source or used with rechargeable batteries.
Motorcycle Sensor
Smartlites® Motorcycle Sensor:

Activates cornering lights when you lean into a corner or use your turn signals.

Please view the concept demonstration videos on the home page.